When to order? 

In general, we are booked up about 2 weeks in advance. 

Please try placing your order at least a month ahead of your event to be on the safe side.

When possible we can try and work with last minute orders (less than 2 weeks),

but there will be an additional $50 charge added, so please try and book your order in advance. ​

Is there a pricing guide? 

Price depends on cake size, complexity of design, time, labor and ingredient cost.

When making an inquiry please include as much detail as possible

(including inspirational pictures, cake flavor, frosting flavor, number of people serving) 

so that we may be able to give you a quote when responding.

What cake icing do you use? 

We generally use American buttercream for the outer icing.

Other choices are ganache or Swiss Meringue. Click here for more options. 

Do you offer gluten-free or vegan options? 

We currently DO NOT offer these options.

Is your kitchen nut-free?

  We ARE NOT a nut-free kitchen (and our cakes are made with flour, eggs, milk, and butter).  

Although some of our cakes are made without nuts, we do frequently use these ingredients in our

kitchen and unfortunately this means that our products are not suitable for people with severe allergies.

How should we cut the cake? 

We recommend cutting in vertical straight lines like square grids rather than the traditional triangle method. 

To do so, cut a 1" deep cut all the way down from one side of the cake, then put a cutting board or a large plate

against this side of the cake and lean over on the plate.  Then cut in rectangle/square grids. 

We will include visual cake cutting guides with all our cake orders. 

Do you use fondant to cover your cakes?

Yes, but strongly prefer to use buttercream instead. We can, however, use fondant

accents with your cake design.

How do we store the cake? 

Always keep your cakes in a cool, shaded area away from heat.  To keep uncut cake more than 2 days, we recommend keeping it in the fridge in an airtight container.  Make sure to bring to room temperature at least an hour before serving. 

Leftovers can be sliced, cling-film wrapped twice and frozen up to 2 months beautifully. 

Defrost at room temperature.


What's your delivery fee? 

We are a Tallahassee North Florida bakery, so this fee depends on your location. Generally, to deliver within Tallahassee the fee is $25. Delivery to anywhere outside of

Tallahassee is based on a per mile rate, round trip. If we have to setup up your cake at the venue there will be an additional fee.

  We recommend receiving the cake 1-2 hours before your event. 

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